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E-SEVA Bazar functions as both a physical and virtual hub, offering over 1500 services consolidated under one roof to cater to a diverse array of community members and gain deeper insights into their requirements. Within this platform, social updates, general news, and job listings are integrated into a cohesive experience tailored for each community group. The franchise industry in India experiences annual growth.

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E-SEVA Bazar Money Agent

How useful would it be to get cash delivered right at your doorstep? This app serves this purpose and you can stop hunting for ATMs at the most needy hours and get your cash in hand in a single click!


Traditional paper-and-pen banking procedures often deter people from engaging, but GREENWORLD has introduced a user-friendly planner designed to simplify banking for individuals. With comprehensive details provided, the aim is to alleviate the stress associated with each banking transaction, making the process more approachable and less daunting for users.

E-Seva Bazar Services

GREENWORLD’s comprehensive planner streamlines various banking tasks, including opening savings and current accounts, facilitating cash deposits and withdrawals, and enabling money transfers to all banks. Users can easily check their account balance, conduct ATM transactions, and utilize services like AEPS and BBPS seamlessly. Additionally, the planner offers insights into CIBIL scores, ensuring users have a holistic understanding of their financial standing.