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Strategically located in the commercial heart of Cochin and the flourishing town of Kattapana, along with other rapidly developing regions, our team comprises dynamic young professionals under the guidance of industry veterans boasting over a decade of expertise in digital engagement and development. Specializing in study abroad services, online solutions, cement trading, digital marketing, brand establishment, and web development, we are dedicated to propelling your success in the digital era. At GREENWORLD INTERNATIONAL, we don’t simply deliver services; we curate transformative journeys fostering growth and ingenuity.

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We believe that everything original is shaded green and want to deliver the same to our clientele! We create original ideas rooted in the virtues of goodness and wish to enable our customers with technically savvy product lines and services that can make a difference in their daily lives for a better cause!

Dr. Vinod Kumar T.A (MBA, DMS, D.Litt.-USA) Founder & Chairman, GREENWORLD International) established an online/virtual, physical platform in 2019 that delivers all “Green con cept Technology Products & Services” to a person, a family, a community, and an organization using modern technology, effective marketing strategies, and
a highly skilled and dedicated team to serve a purpose that caters to the overall betterment of the society. We believe in extending our service palette across the world and sharing our ideals to all budding entrepreneurs and
providing them with the best technical and operational resources to build their dreams with good, GREEN core thoughts and spread overall goodness to all realms across the globe.

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    GREENWORLD International is a socially responsible corporation that offers a variety of viable solutions for a better tomorrow. The company proposes a virtual and physical resources for a broad variety of products  and services on a single platform to support all entrepreneurial visionaries. With the help of advanced GREEN solutions, we believe in pro viding sustainable, technical solutions for the well-being of our future generation and sup porting the budding entrepreneurs on a broad range with our level best


    The mission “GO GREEN, BUILD DREAMS, BE GLOBAL 2K25” begins. We have embarked on our journey to develop our GREEN Concept Products and Services purely bred out of technology domains over a three-year period to deliver products and services that serve goodness for the betterment of society and hence the name;Green!

Our focus on meticulous attention to detail sets us apart, bridging the gap between good and great with an extra level of effort. Leveraging effective communication and industry best practices, we deliver superior business solutions swiftly. Clients benefit from feature-rich project management tools, ensuring efficient execution and collaboration. Tailored digital solutions prioritize quality and professionalism.


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