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 We are a team of Technical Professionals with real hands-on experience working in providing partner login, educational apps, business CRM, and back-end support services. We offer India’s best Advisory Services to entrepreneurs as a B2B service.

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Green is the new black

We believe that everything original is shaded in green and want to deliver the same to all who associate with us! We create original ideas rooted from virtues of goodness and wish to enable our associates with technically savvy product lines and services that can make a difference in their daily lives with a better cause!

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Stepping YOU towards the Gateway of Global Success by generating opportunities at your fingertip…


We are rooted in the ideology of development communication, includes a diverse range of contents.

EDUIMMI Universe

An Ed-Tech Platform for A2Z Education, Immigration & E-Learning Services.


Innovative IT solutions provider enhancing digital experiences, technology advancement.

We focus on building your business brand rather than selling franchises.

Your little experience and poor performance record do not disqualify you as long as our team stands beside you. What else if we take care of your worries? With our professional support, you can become a business entrepreneur with your little knowYour limited experience and past performance won’t hold you back when our dedicated team supports you every step of the way. Imagine your worries taken care of as we provide professional guidance, empowering you to embark on your journey as a successful business entrepreneur, regardless of your initial knowledge or experience. Together, we’re committed to generating employment opportunities and unlocking the boundless potential of the green world ahead.ledge and experience. Together, we are dedicated to creating jobs in the market and exploring the infinite opportunities of the
greenworld ahead….

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